How to Cook a Butterflied Chicken on a Jumbuck Spit

This image show butterflied chicken on a Jumbuck Spit

This is a super easy thick spitting to do and a great way to cook chicken! If we were to cook this chicken whole as it is on the spit with the prongs it would take in excess of 2 hours! 

Doing it this way in the Flaming Coals Spit Rotisserie Multi-Use basket we will cut that cook time down to about an hour (depending on the weight of the chicken). Because the basket presses down it contracts everything the chicken is cooked nicely and evenly. 

Butterflied chicken on a jumbuck spit

Preparing the chicken: 

To butterfly the chicken, the easiest way to do this is with scissors. With scissors (or a really sharp knife) we are going to remove the backbone. Find where the backbone is and make a little incision and follow that cut all the way up. Repeat the process for the other side of the backbone.

Remove the backbone of the chicken

You will hear cartilage snap and that is how you know you’re a winner!

Once the spine/backbone has been removed you can lightly clean up the chicken, remove any excess membrane and remove the excess skin. 

Lightly clean up the chicken

Pro-tip: if you’re trying to get crispy skin you need it to be dry! You can try patting it dry with paper towels.

Crack the rib cage apart and flatten the chicken onto your prep table or chopping board. Turn the legs of the chicken in. If you like, you can make incisions and pop the wings in and also tie the legs together, however, we didn’t do that in this cook. 

Season the chicken, we used the Flaming Coals Gyro Season for a full punch of flavour. However, feel free to use your desired rub! A nice light coating to the entire chicken (both sides) remember to lift the legs and wings so everything is completely covered.

Chicken on a basket

Pat in the seasoning. Place the chicken into the basket and close the lid. Place your basket onto the spit shaft.

Place the shaft onto the Jumbuck mini spit roaster that you’ve prepared with lump charcoal we used the Flaming Coals Charcoal Starter wand to get it started. 

Jumbuck mini spit roaster

Monitor your cook using a meat thermometer - enjoy the smells and sight of your chicken cooking. 

You can pull the chicken off the fire once the internal temperature reaches 165-167°F


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by: Cameron Davidson