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Everyone loves a good BBQ, right? Every Australian household has at least one BBQ with many of our customers owning 3 or 4 BBQs, all for different purposes. Here at BBQ Spit Rotisseries, we specialise in charcoal BBQs as that's where we believe you get maximum flavour. Nothing quite beats the smokey flavour of a steak BBQ'd over mallee root charcoal. All of our spit roasters double up as a charcoal BBQ, allowing you to cook some snags for the kids while your roast cooks. 

Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches or canned baked beans! Many of our BBQs are lightweight and portable enough to take out for a picnic or away camping for the weekend.

After a BBQ that also doubles up as a smoker? We have those too! Bring out your inner caveman and get back to authentic charcoal BBQing. Your family, friends and tastebuds will thank you for it!

Need a hand choosing which charcoal BBQ is right for you? No problem! Give one of our charcoal cooking experts a call and let's talk BBQs!