Kosmos Q Rubs & Sauces

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Kosmos Q Rubs & Sauces

BBQ Spit Rotisseries imports and distributes Kosmos Q Rubs, Sauces, Brines and Injections Australia wide. Either purchase online or get in contact with us for bulk Wholesale pricing.

Kosmos Q Rubs & Sauces - #ITJUSTWINS

Kosmos Q was founded back in 2009 with a mission to help barbecue fanatics who want to make the most badass Q on the planet. More than 10 years later Kosmos Q Rubs & Sauces have won thousands of awards all around the world. Explore their comprehensive range of injections, marinades, glazes, competition BBQ rubs and sauces and you to can have a taste of award-winning BBQ in your own home.

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