Charcoal Pan Usage Guide

A charcoal pan is a great way to protect your rotisserie from the extreme heat generated when cooking with charcoal. While it will need to be replaced over time, replacing a charcoal pan is a lot easier and cheaper than replacing an entire rotisserie.

It is normal for a charcoal pan to bend, warp, discolour and at times crack due to the intense heat generated by charcoal/briquettes. Due to the extreme heat required to cook with fire, no charcoal pan is immune from this. A charcoal pan is considered a consumable part of the product and is therefore not covered by warranty.

Benefits of charcoal pan:

·         Prolong the life of the rotisserie by protecting the spit body from damage due to hot coals burning in direct contact with the spit base.

·         Makes it easier to clean and empty the fat and ashes by removing the charcoal tray and emptying it out.

Normal charcoal tray characteristics:

·         Due to the extreme heat from charcoal or briquettes applied to these charcoal pans, they WILL warp, buckle, discolour and crack.

·         Charcoal pans will also corrode over time.


·         If the charcoal pan is extensively warped and it is affecting your cooking results then the charcoal pan can easily be twisted back in shape when they have cooled down



NEVER PUT OUT HOT COALS BY POURING WATER OVER THE CHARCOAL TRAY. THIS WILL DAMAGE THE CHARCOAL TRAY AND POTENTIALLY THE SPIT. If you wish to extinguish the coals empty them into a metal bucket and cover them in water.