Auspit Spit Rotisseries

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Auspit Spit Rotisseries

Auspit was founded when Rhett Thompson wanted to create a reliable portable cooking system to make outdoor cooking while camping or travelling in your caravan easy and effective. Rhett loved the simplicity of sitting around a campfire at the end of the day with good food, good friends and good conversation without the hassle of constantly tending to food on a traditional camping grill or hotplate. Rhett wanted a cooking system that was versatile, compact and capable of producing food that tasted great with minimal effort. What could be easier than putting meat on a camping spit and letting it cook itself? 

Rhett used his knowledge of the Aussie outdoors and his career in engineering to develop the Auspit. What started out as two sticks of metal developed into the product we know and love today.

Unfortunately, Rhett passed away unexpectedly in March 2017 at 58 years of age. In some small way, we hope that Rhett’s passion for the outdoors and cooking on the Auspit lives on in every product enjoyed by us all.

A camping rotisserie is a great way to cook food while camping when you’re looking to spit roast cuts of meat up to 8kg in weight, there’s nothing on the market better than the Australian spit ‘Auspit’. 

The Auspit is placed over a fire pit or open fire and food is cooked evenly by the spit motor rotating the food. 

Portable rotisseries are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow campers to enjoy the benefits of rotisserie cooking without having to lug a heavy piece of equipment into the great outdoors. The Auspit portable rotisserie kits have achieved cult status amongst Australian campers for their high build quality, portability and simplicity of design. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Auspit Portable Rotisserie is its versatility and simplicity. Packing down to a small, convenient carry bag the entire unit can be set up anywhere in a matter of minutes without a single screw. You’ll be cooking at your next camping location sooner with Auspit. With a powerful and reliable motor combined with 304 food-grade stainless steel spit skewer and prongs - cleaning up is quick and easy. 

Ultimately, the best camping rotisserie for you will be the one that best suits your needs and preferences, but we can’t recommend the range of Auspit Portable Rotisserie kits more highly. 

Auspit Portable Rotisserie Kits FAQs

An Auspit camping portable rotisserie kit is a great way to cook food while camping. All rotisseries share the same principle: a spit skewer is placed over a fire, and food is cooked on the spit. 

This allows for even cooking of large cuts of meat. Auspits have become increasingly popular, as they allow campers to ensure the benefits of rotisserie cooking without all of the weight + they are easy and simple to set up and use. 

The Auspit features a post that is driven into the ground or placed into the Auspit Fire pit. A bracket then connects the spit skewer and motor to the post upright and allows your food to be cooked over the fire. It’s as simple as that. No screws, bolts or fancy equipment. You’ll be cooking great food for the entire camp in no time. 

With an Auspit Portable Rotisserie, you have the flexibility and freedom to cook whatever your heart desires. From whole cuts of meat like lamb shoulder to chickens and turkeys. 

Don’t forget your veggies, fish and even pork belly can be cooked in the Auspit basket. 

Using the Auspit Grill and Hotplate you can even cook your bacon and eggs in the morning. But just in case you weren’t impressed, you can even boil your water with the billy hangar. Yeah, we told you the options were limitless. 

The Auspit Original comes with a mild steel post upright and all the other components are stainless steel. When you step up to the Auspit Silver - all of the components including the post upright are stainless steel. This is the only difference. 

Between the Silver and gold, there are no differences in the spits themselves. What changes are the included accessories? The gold package is the best value for money and includes basically everything you need to do everything possible on an Auspit. 

Depending on your usage for the Auspit Portable rotisserie you may wish to add some of the following accessories: 
Additional Auspit Squeezeloc Spike prongs for more cuts of meat

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