Parrilla Grill

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Parilla Grill

There are so many ways to cook over a fire and if you are a BBQ connoisseur then you would already be familiar with Argentinian grills.

What is an Argentinian Grill?

Argentinian grills are also known by the name Parrillas Grills, Gaucho Grill, Santa Maria and Asados Grills. In summary, they are the traditional Argentinian way of grilling meat over an open fire. They are perfect for cooking big steaks, ribs and other cuts of meats to perfection.

The key feature of an Argentinian grill is the height-adjustable V shape grill that is easily adjusted by rotating a large round handle on the side. The grill also consists of a tray to hold the burning timber or charcoal in, and this charcoal tray can also be lined with firebricks for greater cooking efficiency. A brasero can also be used alongside to burn the timber and allow you to shovel the hot coals directly under your height-adjustable cooking grill.

What are the benefits of cooking on an Asado/Parrilla grill?

There are quite a few benefits of cooking with Argentinian Parrilla Grills and this is due to the grill itself giving you instant control over cooking temperatures. The height-adjustable V shape grill catches most of the fat coming out of your food and drains it away from the fire into a fat catch tray, minimising flare. The grill also has a very generous height adjustment so you can drop it right down low for some hot and fast searing, lift it halfway so you can grill in the fire or have it up high for slower cooking with a smokier flavour. That’s right! Who would have thought that you don’t need an offset smoker to cook smoked meat?

What are the main Parrilla Grill designs?

There are generally 3 main designs that are available for sale. The key feature of the height-adjustable grill stays the same throughout, but the main difference is in the base of the grill.

The first design is a free-standing Parrilla Grill with firebricks in the base. These come in different sized and are very heavy but efficient when cooking due to the heat retention of the bricks.

The second design is also a free-standing grill however the base is not lined with firebricks, and you usually light the charcoal/ fire in a charcoal tray

The third design is for those of you who already have a BBQ, or a spit and wish to convert it or add the Asado height adjustment feature to your BBQ. The Asado grill insert is a complete functioning height-adjustable grill insert that you can sit on top of your existing BBQ, spit or firepit.

Parrilla Grills FAQs

A parrilla grill is a type of Argentinean BBQ that uses direct heat to cook food. The name parrilla comes from the Spanish word for grill, and these grills are typically made from cast iron or steel. They are often used to cook meats, vegetables, and even bread. Parrilla grills usually have a raised cooking surface, which allows fat and juices to drip away from the food. This helps to create a more intense flavour and prevents the food from sticking to the grill. Additionally, parrilla grills typically have a very high heat capacity, which allows them to sear the meat quickly. As a result, parrilla grills are often used to create Argentinian-style steaks that are both flavorful and tender. If you're looking for a unique grilling experience, then a parrilla grill is definitely worth considering.

Cooking on a Parrilla Grill is very simple. Light your fire in the firebox below the grill. You can use the wheel on the grill to raise or lower the grill to your desired cooking height. This gives you ultimate control over the heat. 

Argentinian-style bbq is typically made with beef, but other meats such as chicken and pork can also be used. The beef is seasoned with salt and pepper, and sometimes other herbs and spices before it is grilled. Argentinian style bbq is typically served with a variety of side dishes, such as salad, bread, and potatoes.

Argentina is a paradise for meat-lovers. The country is home to the parrilla grill. This method of cooking results in incredibly tasty and smoky meats. 

The Asado grill is a type of parrilla grill that originates from Argentina. It is also sometimes referred to as an Argentinian BBQ or a Santa Maria grill. The asado grill is typically made out of cast iron or steel, and it usually has a V-shaped grate. The V-shape of the grate helps to evenly distribute heat, and it also allows fat and juices to drip off of the meat, preventing them from pooling and making the meat greasy. The Asado grill is typically used to cook meats such as beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. The meat is cooked over high heat, resulting in a crisp outer crust and a juicy, flavorful interior. Asado grills can be found in many Argentine restaurants, and they are also becoming increasingly popular in Australia. 

Argentinian-style bbq is typically made with beef, but other meats such as chicken and pork can also be used.