Spit Rotisserie Motors

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Spit Rotisserie Motors

We have Australia's largest range of spit motors available for sale. Our motors cater for a range of different skewer sizes, shapes and weight capacities.

  • Our large spit motors are suitable for attaching to a 19mm or 22mm round skewer and are capable of rotating up to 100kg of balance load
  • Our BBQ spit motors come with a standard 8mm square input shaft which is the generic size of most skewers that attach to 4-6 burner Gas BBQs
  • Our Cyprus Spit motors have 6 - 7mm square output shafts and connect to the standard size gear rotating mechanism available with the Cypriot style grills

Whether you are after a 3v, 12v, 240v or variable speed motor, we will be able to help you. If you're looking for a reliable spit motor, we recommend the Large Flaming Coals spit rotisserie motors, they were designed in Australia and come fully backed by a 24 month warranty, giving you peace of mind that we have your back in the unlikely event something goes wrong.  

If you're not sure which spit motor you need, please use our chat feature or call us for assistance in making the correct selection.

BBQ Spit Motor FAQs

Yes, absolutely you can add a rotisserie to your existing gas bbq. We have kits available or you can buy individual components like spit motors. 

The components you need to attach a rotisserie to your bbq include, mounting brackets (a skewer side and a motor side), a rotisserie motor, a rotisserie skewer and some sort of prong or attachment to secure the food while spit roasting. You can find all of our kits and accessories here.

Your spit motor should spin at 3-6 RPM. We have done significant research and testing to find the optimal cooking speed. 

Yes, we sell motors that run on 12v batteries. These models include: MO002, MO009 and MO011.

Most gas BBQ spit motors accept an 8-10mm square skewer.

Anywhere from 6-12kg of weight capacity should be more than adequate for your BBQ Spit Motor. 

Batteries in a BBQ Spit Motor last 30+ hours.