BBQ Accessories

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BBQ Accessories

Here at BBQ Spit Rotisserie, we try to be the one stop shop for all your barbecuing needs. We have put together a wide range of BBQ accessories including:

The BBQ accessories section of our website encompasses all things barbecuing related which aren't covered by our more specific categories. If you're looking for rotisserie kits for your BBQ, check out the BBQ Spit Rotisserie Kit section. How about replacement motors for your BBQ? We have a whole Spit Motors section for that also.   


BBQ Accessories FAQs

If your BBQ is being left outside in the elements, we recommend buying the corresponding cover. If you like to maintain your equipment to the fullest you should definitely invest in a cover. Just make sure you let the BBQ cool down before putting the cover on.

First check the size of hot plate you need for your gas BBQ. However, we highly recommend the Flaming Coals Stainless Steel BBQ Hotplate 400mm x 480mm.

You are able to cook anything on a bbq hot plate that you would normally cook in a frypan like eggs, bacon, burgers, sausages etc. The opportunities are limitless.

The best lighter for your BBQ is an all natural fire lighter, you may always want to look at investing in a charcoal chimney or Flaming Coals Charcoal Starter Wand which gets charcoal started in under 10 minutes.

Pitmasters use a combination of many gloves depending on the application. But most likely you will see them wearing black nitrile gloves with a heat-resistant liner. 

Alternatively, you might see them wearing some sort of kevlar glove when handling the coals, pits, lids etc. 

There are different gloves for different applications and knowing what type of gloves can sometimes be tricky. 

Silicon Gloves - The Flaming Coals Silicone BBQ Gloves - Black is a perfect option for when you need heat resistant, waterproof protection from direct contact with hot food and liquid as well as hot items like probes, sizzle stones, or pans

Kevlar High-Temperature BBQ Gloves - Flaming Coals' long sleeve heat resistant BBQ gloves are heat and melt-resistant. They are rated to 500°c making them the perfect companion and essential safety equipment when cooking with high temperatures around your BBQ or open fire

Nitrile Gloves - Nitrile Gloves don't show stains from inks, dyes or blood, provide outstanding resistance against many commonly used chemicals and are larger, stronger and more resistant to puncturing when you are preparing your cook.

Commercial Food Handling Gloves - Commercial Grade Heat Proof Food Handling Gloves are neoprene gauntlet gloves and are designed to provide contact heat resistance for the hand and forearm up to 350 degrees Celsius

Absolutely, in fact, we often use nitrile gloves when cooking BBQ. We pair these with our Heat Resistant Polycotton Liner Gloves. This combination provides heat protection and helps to keep your hands clean when BBQing. 

If you own a Weber Kettle, Pro Q Smoke or any other 57cm round Kettle BBQ and you are looking for the spit rotisserie kit to suit your Weber, then the 57cm Kettle Rotisserie Kit is what you are looking for. Convert your Weber Kettle into a Spit Roaster.