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Traeger Smoker Australia

Trager Smoker was the first pellet smoker ever made for smoking meat. Back in 1985, Joe Traeger put together a simple auger-powered smoker for smoking food. Since then the technology has advanced and there has been more competition on the market however ever Traeger Grill still leads the pack with their innovation and experience.

These days, Traeger grills Australia is still the best-performing smoker in Australia with a wide range of choices. You can purchase your simple manual turn knob pellet smoker or you can purchase the best pellet smoker on the market with built-in wifi and sensors all over making everything as automated as possible. 

Some pit masters prefer to be more hands-on when smoking, they love playing with fire and manning the pit through a 12-hour smoke. There is something primal about this process and nothing compares to the pure sense of satisfaction when everyone is sitting down enjoying your smoked platter and commenting on how amazing the meal was. If this sound more like you than an offset smoker or reverse flow smoker it is perfect for you. Alternatively, if all you want to do is cook some fish then maybe you should be looking at our fish smokers

Pellet smokers are great for automating the smoking process and are used by caterers and restaurants around Australia due to how easy the smoking process is. However, we have found that after adding smoked meat to their menu, some restaurants are returning and asking what other options are available that are easy to use but hold more meat. There is only one, and that is gravity feed smokers, they are larger with multiple smoking shelves and by incorporating a smoker temperature controller with a fan the pit temperature is automated. 

If you are a little confused as to which smoker you should buy, give us a call on 1300 002 771 and we can step you through the process of what type of smoker you need suits your needs.

This image shows the basics of how Traeger pellet smokers work.