Spit Rotisserie Accessories

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Spit Rotisserie Accessories FAQs

While gyros are relatively easy to cook, carving can often prove the most difficult step in the process. So making the whole experience as easy as possible is always beneficial, especially for first-timers. 

Gyros discs allow you to carve against a flat surface, so you don’t have to be avoiding prongs. It makes the whole process so much easier and more enjoyable as well as protects your carving knife blade from damage. If your knife is blunt, take a look at our knife sharpeners.

304 Food Grade stainless steel is so important as there is no plating to chip off into your food as chrome plated prongs have. Not only is it safer, but it’s also easier to clean and won’t rust. It really is a quality material that will last a lifetime. 

When searching for accessories that will fit your jumbuck mini spit look for accessories that are suitable for an 8-10mm skewer. 

On our website this includes: 

  1. Gyros Discs - GD07
  2. Baskets - BSK010, BSK010L, BSK12
  3. Prongs - PRSS06_2 and PRSS11

Take a look at all our accessories for the Jumbuck mini spit

A counterbalance is a device that you use on the pointy end of your skewer (opposite to the motor end). Its purpose is to prevent the heavy side of the meat from “falling” and adding unnecessary stress to the motor. This will ensure your meat is properly cooked throughout and will help to protect your motor. Consider it an insurance policy on the life of your motor. 

A basket for a rotisserie is great for cooking anything that you can't cook on a skewer such as chicken wings, fish, sausages, vegetables, butterflied chicken and so much more. The adjustable width of the stainless steel basket makes this spit roasting accessory extremely versatile for a huge range of cooking options.

First, identify the diameter of your skewer. 8-10mm or a larger 22mm round. You may even have a 28mm round or square. Once you know the diameter of your skewer you can match the accessories that will fit your kit. If you ever get stuck, give our friendly team a call on 1300 002 771. You might even be able to send us a photo of your skewer so we can identify what you need. 

A back brace is absolutely essential when spit roasting a whole animal, without it you run the risk of breaking the animal's spine or having an unbalanced load - this is only ever going to end in tears. 

Leg brackets are used whenever you are spit roasting a whole animal on a larger spit. If you don’t have access to leg brackets it's best to use stainless steel wire to fasten them to the skewer. 

A charcoal pan has been specially designed to take the brunt of the extreme heat generated when spit roasting. It protects the base of your spit rotisserie and makes cleaning up so much quicker and easier. Do we think a charcoal pan is necessary? Absolutely we do, however, if you are comfortable with reducing the lifespan of your spit, you can spit roast without one.