Ozpig Big Pig Cover
Ozpig Big Pig Cover
Ozpig Big Pig Cover

Ozpig Big Pig Cover

Your Big Pig now had a reliable Ozpig Big Pig Custom Cover made from high quality materials, with a zippered port that you can open to leave your smoker attached


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Total price:$1,002.98 $996.73

Ozpig Big Pig Cover

Model: OZP-BP007-01

Ozpig has now released an Ozpig Big Pig Cover made from high quality materials that will prevent the buildup of rust keeping your Bigpig pride in great shape for even longer. The cover also has a zippered port that you can open if you wish to leave your smoker attached,

Whether your Ozpig BigPig is constantly left on your patio or if its a frequent traveller wish you around Australia, the cover will protect your pig and keep it in the best possible condition. If you use your Ozpig on a regular basis, it stands to reason and it makes sense to leave it fully assembled, ready to fire up. Covering the top chimney and the body of the Ozpig with this reliable cover will help prevent rust from developing as well as stop ash from spreading everywhere around the place. If you have gone through all the trouble of oiling or repainting your Ozpig, this is a particularly wise investment, as it will help you maintain your asset, keeping it looking incredible for longer periods of time.

Always make sure that it's cooled off completely prior to actually placing the cover on!

picture showing the Ozpig Big Pig Cover over the top of a Bigpig


  • Weight: 0.7 Kg
  • Packed Dimensions: 195mm W x 90mm H x 260mm L