Flame and Coals BBQ Battle Event Review


Sunday the 8th of September saw BBQ Spit Rotisseries host the first Flame & Coals BBQ Battle at our Seaford location. The event included a Kid‚Que Nation competition in addition to the SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) action for the adult teams. Visitors enjoyed watching the cooking skills on display, tucking into some gyros, free BBQ demonstrations, beer from Dainton Brewery and one-day-only discounts in our new showroom.


With the smell of our chicken & lamb gyros already in the air, the day kicked off with the kid‚competition. Battling it out in the hot dog and steak categories, the kids brought their own dogs, buns, toppings and condiments and went through the steak selection process to choose their cut from the range supplied by our meat sponsor Hansa Butchery and Smallgoods.



The kids brought plenty of imagination to the hotdog cook with sauces, mustards, doritos and even Skittles making their way into the boxes for judging. Everyone put up great food and impressed with their creativity.



A few different methods were seen in the prep and cook for the kid‚steak category - all with great results. By the end of the day in the wrap-up, it was hard to tell the difference between the pictures we took of the kid‚steaks and the ones from the SCA comp.

Kid's Hotdog and Steak Results:



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Kicking off the adult‚teams day was pizza. The results saw a mix of traditional pizza, dessert pizza and (thanks to Steven West of Moist BBQ) even a lasagne pizza made its way onto the judges' tables. Dessert pizzas seemed the most popular choice among the judges, taking two of the top 3 prizes.

Pizza competition results:



The teams had the spits fired up early on for the souvlaki category to make sure the food was ready for hand in time. The souvlakis came out looking great and also had some innovation with octopus souvlaki served up for judging.

Souvlaki competition results:



Then it was time for the main event as the teams got ready to serve up the steaks they’d chosen at selection earlier in the day. The temperature dropped and the rain came down while the steak prep was being done, but that didn’t stop some great food being handed in. The steak looked good as it went through the hand in the process and there were some nervous moments during presentations with overall SCA results on the line. In the end, the SCA steak competition top 3 for the Flame and Coals BBQ Battle were:



Although there were some wet awnings to dry on Monday, the first Flame and Coals BBQ Battle was a fun and successful event that was enjoyed by all who came along to compete and watch. We’d like to congratulate all the competitors who came in good spirits and took part in the day - thanks for working hard and making the event so much fun. Congratulations to the winners and importantly, a huge thank-you to the businesses below that invested in making this event possible.And last but not least a big thanks to Steven West for all the hard work on the trophies!








by: Mat Holbrook