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EzySpit: Convenient Spit Roasting Solutions

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As two Australian brothers growing up in Melbourne's suburbs, we both yearned to live in the bush.

Every chance they've got, we'd head out into the Victorian High Country or the Outback and camp for days on end next to a crystal clear stream. As night fell, you'd find us cooking over the coals of a nice warm fire, gazing up at the amazing starry sky. Life was wonderful for us!

They have both married and had families over the years, but our love of camping and the great outdoors never faded. With two young children, we found themselves camping in caravan parks more frequently because they provide the creature comforts that their wives and children require. This presented a challenge for us because most caravan parks would not allow a fire unless it was in a properly constructed fire pit. EZYSPIT was created as a result of necessity.