Cooking on a Charcoal Rotisserie

Cooking on a Charcoal Rotisserie

Small Charcoal Rotisserie

Anyone who has had meat cooked on charcoal rotisserie over an open flame knows that it produces some of the best-tasting roasts they've ever had. From chicken to beef brisket and roasted pork--even whole pigs—charcoal rotisserie-cooked food can't be beaten for tender, juicy, and evenly cooked meats. Maybe charcoal rotisserie cooking is something you've always associated with going out to a restaurant, or only being served at festivals or large events. The truth is that getting a charcoal rotisserie for your own backyard or patio is probably cheaper, easier, and more fun than you've imagined. This guide goes over the many benefits of owning a charcoal rotisserie and why anyone who considers themselves a fan of outdoor cooking should have one.

A big juicy piece of meat being turned on a spit over a fire is one of the most iconic images of outdoor cooking, and owning a charcoal rotisserie puts you in touch with that. Charcoal rotisseries come in many shapes and sizes and have a variety of features. At the most basic level, a charcoal rotisserie will consist of a trough for a charcoal fire, two brackets to hold up the spit, and the actual rotisserie spit that holds and turns the meat over the fire for even roasting. An almost universal feature is an electric or battery powered motor that turns the charcoal rotisserie automatically. The best thing is that a charcoal rotisserie is an extremely easy cooking method yet has no trade-off in terms of quality. In fact, most outdoor and indoor cooks will tell you it is one of, if not the absolute best, ways to cook meats such as whole chickens, pork and beef roasts, and even whole pigs and turkeys!

Charcoal Rotisserie cooking a whole pig

One of the best things about cooking outdoors is the great element of theater. Everyone loves to gather around the charcoal grill and watch the chef cook over an open fire. A charcoal rotisserie will only add to the show, whether as the main event or part of the show with charbroiled steaks and burgers on a traditional grill. It all goes back to that iconic image of meat turning over a cooking fire. Whether you're having a big party or a smaller family backyard gathering, your guests will be delighted to watch a delicious succulent meal cook to perfection before their very eyes.

If you don’t already have a charcoal rotisserie, you can easily make one using an old drum, a keg or some star pickets, or you can save some time buy one ready-made. If you’re the kind of person who likes to ‘try before you buy consider hiring one for the weekend to experience the full flavours of a charcoal rotisserie yourself. I guarantee you’ll be hooked!