Drip Pans

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Drip Pans

Drip Pans are the perfect solution for keeping your grill clean and enhancing your cooking experience. Designed to catch drips and prevent flare-ups, our drip pans help maintain a tidy grilling surface while infusing your food with delicious flavours. Say goodbye to messy cleanup and hello to hassle-free grilling with our high-quality drip pans. 

  1. SNS Grills Drip 'N Griddle Pans: Perfect companions for your charcoal BBQ, these pans from SNS Grills serve dual purposes as drip pans and griddles, enhancing cooking efficiency and flavour.

  2. Flaming Coals Drip Trays: Specifically designed for our range of gas spits, Flaming Coals Drip Trays protect your spit roaster and simplify cleanup after each use, ensuring a hassle-free BBQ session.

Choose from our range of drip pans to optimise your BBQ setup and maintain peak performance of your equipment.