How to cook 7 crispy skin Chickens on a Rotisserie in under an hour!

Making a rotisserie chicken at home can seem like a daunting task - but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered in this easy rotisserie recipe guide.

Once you’ve succeeded in putting these steps into place, you’ll be ditching store-bought chickens for good and you’ll be showing off your new rotisseries skills to friends and family alike! 

The only thing standing between you and a crispy skin succulent chicken is the rotisserie itself! Find all Flaming Coals Spit Roasters range. The investment in a rotisserie is totally worth it - you’ll soon realise spit roasting is perhaps one of the tastiest ways to cook your food, especially with the added bonus of charcoal flavour!

The simplicity of a rotisserie is often overlooked! However, as the rotisserie spins our chickens will be self-basting as it spins and cooks. You’ll pretty much set it and forget it, with some minor fire control.


First, drizzle the skin with olive oil and apply the Flaming Coals Clucking Mad  or Atomic Chicken Charcoal chicken rub evenly. Tuck the wings under the breast and tie the legs together with twine.

When placing the chickens onto the skewer ensure the chicken is centred, this will assist in evening cooking. In today’s cook, we are using the Flaming Coals chicken prongs and double-ended prongs for 22mm skewers - the best part about these accessories is that they are 100% 304 food-grade stainless steel, so they won’t be chipping off nasties into your food like other brands!

When sticking the prongs into the ends of the chicken, be sure they’re super tight and in as far as they can go so the chicken stays stable and doesn’t flop around when it spins. 

Get your charcoal lit! In this cook we used Flaming Coals HotRods we love them because they burn exceptionally long and HOT! 

Place your skewer onto the Flaming Coals SPG 1500 with the chickens fully loaded. 

Spritz with apple juice every 10 minutes to keep your chickens moist! 

Ensure you monitor the temperatures often and if it seems to be cooking too fast or too slow adjust the height of the skewer. You will also have to monitor the positioning of your charcoal to ensure you don’t have hot spots! 

The chicken will take roughly 45 minutes to cook, however here at BSR we never cook by time, we cook by temperature. The birds are cooked when the breast probes at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. To get accurate temp readings quickly we use this thermometer. 

Once the chicken is done, pull the quick release pin on the skewer and remove it from the spit. Remove the prongs and allow the chickens to rest for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the juices to set. 

You can cut the birds however you like, into quarters or pieces depending on how many you’re catering for. For an extra flavour kick, you can try squeezing a fresh lemon over the chicken before you serve!


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by: Michael Wilkie