What Makes PK Grills So Great

PK Grills has been listed as one of the best charcoal grills available for over 60 years! These classics were manufactured in Texas between the '50s and '60s and is still widely respected by BBQ professionals and food enthusiast everywhere. While PK Grills remain somewhat rare in the wild, they are considered by those who own them to be the most essential outdoor cookers made. But what makes this grill so great and makes it a living legend?


Its body is made out of thick cast aluminium. This material is totally rustproof making it very durable and with proper care, it can last a lifetime. Many people keep their unit for generations. The aluminium also offers excellent heat retention and can hold the temperature even on cold and windy days. Another great benefit of this material is it is super lightweight, so moving your unit around will be easy and straightforward.

Air Control

These units have 4 point air control system and combined with its unique shape, you can dial your desired temperature at will. They also get to heat very quickly. Keeping consistent heat on a charcoal grill has never been easier.

These things are one of the biggest grills on the Steak Cookoff Association and have won more trophies than any other grills on the market. These steak cooking secret weapons are built to last.

PK Grills offer two designs, the PK Cart and PK 360. Drop-in and see these phenomenal grills for yourself.


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by: Cameron Davidson