Living the Food Truck Life - Catch up with the owner of T Rex Bar-B-Que

It is 6.5 tonnes of Rolling Smoke. Custom made to provide fantastic Low & Slow BBQ! Rhys McCleary is the owner of the T Rex Bar-B-Que food truck. He answered a few questions for us about his business and outlook on BBQ.

Tell us about your food - what is your specialty?

American BBQ - Pit BBQ sandwiches and fries. 

Who are your customers? What do you offer them that no one else can?

Everyone that loves BBQ! Young and old food unites us all.

Why do you love what you do?

I love BBQ and the possibilities it affords in terms of coming at the plate with novel solutions.  I love that I've seen the industry grow at a steady rate over the past few years I've been a part of it, with all the ups and downs that go along with it. I am optimistic about what the future holds for the industry as a whole. 

What‚your favourite BBQ recipe?
"My favourite recipe would have to be smoked Greek-style gyros, smoked lamb shoulder. Wet marinade for 2 days of oregano and "greek spices" smoked for an hour and a half then boated until internal temp is about 200f. Can be smoked more but it generally gets great results as the boating will allow some smoke penetration to occur. 
Paired with a homemade Tzaziki sauce it's the cat's pyjamas man! 
Additionally, I've been experimenting with traditional Yakitori which is various parts of the chicken, skewed. Then cooked over hot binchotan charcoal. This is as much of culinary art as it is BBQ, which is pretty badass."

Give us a pro tip on getting great results

Leftover meats, brisket particularly goes really well in spaghetti sauce as a bulking agent, tastes superior to mincemeat. In the freezer lasts months and make for a super easy meal item for dinner. Other leftover options can be Quesadillas, tacos and pies. 

Who would you invite to a BBQ at your place and why?
Elvis - Because smoked Baloney is a crime against food, but how I'd love to cook it for him. 


T-Rex Bar-B-Que is truly passionate about Making the meat king. They spending out most of the time and effort in providing a product that has good quality. They are committed to providing an authentic BBQ experience for all!

Catch up with them and experience American Low and Slow BBQ.

Located at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Give them a call at 0474776336

or go to their website at






by: Mat Holbrook