How to make Crispy Chicken Wings on a Kettle BBQ

Are you a fan of crispy chicken wings? If so, you'll be happy to know that you can easily make them on any Kettle BBQ. They’ll be SUPER tasty, crunchy and you’ll look like a genius to your friends and family. With very few ingredients and tools we will have you cooking like a BBQ master! Let’s get straight into it and fire up our kettle bbq!


Step 1: Light your charcoal, today we are using Flaming Coals Lump Charcoal for its consistent burn quality and great taste! Pour it into your kettle charcoal basket or if you have one (like us) your SnS Deluxe charcoal basket.

Step 2: After patting dry your chicken wings, season your chicken wings with Kosmos Q Dirty Bird, it’s a little bit savoury, a little bit sweet - it hits all the right notes!

Step 3: Load your wings onto your kettle bbq grill off the fire! This will prevent you from having to stand over a hot fire while loading!

Step 4: Ensure your wings are on the indirect side of the heat (as we are smoking not grilling!). 

Step 5: This cook should take around 20 minutes, however, you’re looking for a minimum temperature of 165°F or 74°C. 

Step 6: Spritz with apple juice or water

Step 7: When your wings reach 175°F or 79°C its time to glaze them with Sucklebusters Honey BBQ Glaze & Finishing Sauce. Simply baste the tops of your wings and then put the lid back on the kettle bbq for another minute or two to allow the glaze to set. 

Step 8: Once the glaze has set, remove your wings and serve immediately! Enjoy!

It is clear from the steps outlined above that making crispy chicken wings on a kettle BBQ can be done in no time. With only minimal preparation and some simple tips, you can have an amazing meal that will keep your guests coming back for more. The key to success is having the right ingredients and knowing what temperature your grill needs to get to and when to turn the wings over. If you follow our instructions and adhere to these tried-and-true methods, you should have no problems cooking delicious and crunchy chicken wings every time. 

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