How to Smoke Rump Cap using the Flaming Coals Offset Smoker

This image shows a sliced rump cap

Start by covering your rump cap in a light coat of salt. Place your rump cap into a preheated cooking chamber running at 275f and smoke for an hour and a half. 


This image shows Tom seasoning the Rump cap with salt
This image shows a rump cap on Flaming coals offset smoker


Add a can of coconut cream, malt vinegar and bay leaves to your Flaming coals dutch oven and mix thoroughly. 


This image shows the Flaming Coals dutch oven with coconut milk inside


Place your rump cap into the dutch oven and place it back into the offset chamber with the lid on. Remember to place the dutch oven on the side of the offset closest to the firebox. 


This image shows the Flaming coals dutch oven with rump cap placed on offset smoker


Using a spoon, scoop the coconut cream mixture over the top of the rump cap after 30 minutes of smoking. 


 Remove the dutch oven from the smoker when the meat colours have caramelised and there is very little resistance in the meat. Your cook time will be around 2.5-3 hours. 


This image shows a caramelised rump cap


Slice and serve immediately to ensure a juicy and delicious rump cap. 


This image shows a sliced rump cap


Woah, look at the smoke ring! Enjoy :) 

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by: Michael Wilkie