Honey Soy Roast Chicken Cooked on a Spit Recipe

Honey Soy Roast Chicken Cooked on a Spit Recipe

Cooking a few chooks on a spit roaster is an easy way to cook for just a few people or for a decent size gathering. While you can cook a roast chicken in your normal kitchen oven, cooking a chicken on the spit will give you a delicious smoky flavour and make you the charcoal chicken king or queen.


* 1 chicken

* Salt

* Sweet paprika

* Onion powder

* Garlic powder

* Onion poweder

* Sweet soy sauce



* Sprinkle generous amounts of all the abovementioned dry ingredients over the chicken both inside and out to the point where you shouldn't be able to see any of the meat due to the amount of spices you have added. Drizzle sweet soy sauce over the chicken and baste so it covers the whole surface area.

Attaching it to the spit:

* You'll need a skewer, 2 chicken prongs per chicken

* Pass the skewer through the chicken

* Insert one chicken prong through either side of the meat and lock in tight

* Use some butchers string to tie up the legs so the remain stuck into the body. Alternatively, wedge them into the chicken prong

Honey Soy Roast Chicken Cooked on a Spit Recipe

Cooking time:

Many things will affect your cooking time, however allow around 2-2.5-hours to be on the safe side. If it's ready a little earlier, you can always push the charcoal to the side and raise the chicken to the top of the spit roaster so it stays warm but doesn't actually keep cooking. Use a cooking thermometer to test the internal temperature and once it gets to 75 degrees, you know it's cooked.




by: Rhiannon Peterson