How to Grill Seafood on a Cyprus Spit

How to Grill Seafood on a Cyprus Spit

In this video we are going to demonstrate how to utilise the grill on the Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit.

In our opinion, the grill is the most under-utilised function of the Cyprus Spit but it’s the easiest part to cook on. We lit the Mallee Root charcoal and once it ashed over we spread it out of the space of the spit tub to create an even heat for our grill. We are going to cook seafood today which won’t take long based on the heat of the charcoal.

We cooked:

  • tuna steaks,
  • Tasmanian salmon,
  • squid/calamari,
  • prawns
  • a whole snapper.

Before you cook on the grill it’s important to oil or grease it to ensure food doesn’t stick to the grill as it cooks. The grill can be used 2 different ways on the Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit. You can rest the grill in a fixed position at the height of the spit tub or you can sit it on the height adjustment function. If you need a quick sear use the grill in its fixed position but if you need to vary the temperature and cooking times, use the variable height function. The variable height adjustment is unique to the range of Flaming Coals Cyprus Spits.

To adjust the height of the grill you simply unlock the handle on the side, use the lever to adjust the height and then lock the handle back in to place. Once the food is on the grill, if you are finding the heat from the charcoal isn’t hot enough, lower the grill using the adjustment function. If you find the heat from the charcoal is too hot, simply raise the grill further away from the charcoal using the adjustment function.

Seafood is delicate and cooks quickly on the grill so we set the height of the grill to its maximum. Not long after we had our food grilled and ready to eat. Serve up with some lemon and enjoy a seafood feast.




by: Rhiannon Peterson