Flaming Coals Smoker Does It Again at Yak Ales BBQ Competition

Flaming Coals at Yak Ales BBQ Festival - Events Recap

If you've been following us on Facebook, you would have seen what a very busy last couple of weeks our team has attended the Yak Ales BBQ Festivals in both Melbourne and Sydney. We had beautiful weather on both weekends, perfect for lounging around on the grassed area, listing to live music, eating BBQ, drinking a cold one and learning all things BBQ from the experts. The highlight of the event is the BBQ competition sanctioned by the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS), the worlds largest organization of BBQ enthusiasts. We attended the event last year in Melbourne, but this was the first year we have attended the event in Sydney

Flaming Coals Smoker 1

Flaming Coals Smoker 2

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For those of you who missed out, don't worry, we pulled together a few of the event highlights to share with you all. If you're not already following our Facebook page, head over the BBQ Spit Rotisseries Facebook page and check out some of the live videos we posted of our cooking and product demos.  We received some really great feedback from all our demos that people were asking whether we ran BBQ Classes. We are now very pleased to announce that we have launched our Competition BBQ Master classes and will be running a total of 10 classes throughout 2018

We had plenty of taste testing of our new Flaming Coals Gyros Rub and Flaming Coals Bovine Espresso Rubs which were flying out the door. People just couldn't believe the flavour!

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In addition to the official Flaming Coals stand, we also sponsored 3 Competition BBQ Teams. Sticky Pits BBQ, Moist BBQ and Full Boar BBQ. It was amazing to see all 3 teams representing our brand, but more importantly, helping one another and answering questions from the general public. As some of you may know, we have been sponsoring Sticky Pits BBQ and Moist BBQ for some time now, however we recently welcomed Full Boar BBQ into the Flaming Coals family and to help represent us down in Tasmania. Logistically, it would have been very difficult for the boys to freight all their offset smokers, marquees and other equipment over so after a quick post on our Flaming Coals Smokers Group page, some other customers leapt at the opportunity to be part of a competition BBQ team for the weekend. It was great to see 2 existing Flaming Coals Smoker customers who attended a previous Competition BBQ Masterclass be surrogate members of the Full Boar BBQ team. To me, that is what barbecuing (and our business) is about. Its about bringing strangers together over a common passion to have a drink, a laugh and a memorable time.  

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So how did everyone go?

Sticky Pits picked up a 2nd place in ribs, 3rd place in lamb and 5th place in steak

Full Boar BBQ picked up a 3rd place in brisket

Moist BBQ picked up a 4th place in chicken

Flaming Coals Smoker Sticky pits pork ribs yaks 2018

Flaming Coals Smoker Full Boar BBQ Brisket Box Yaks

As a major sponsor of the event, Flaming Coals also donated an offset smoker to the winner of the lamb categories in both Melbourne and Sydney. Congratulations Butchers Axe BBQ and Pits Perfect BBQ and welcome to the Flaming Coals family!

Flaming Coals Smoker Butchers Axe BBQ Winning Lamb Yaks 2018

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Would you like to learn how to prepare competition style BBQ? Or perhaps you just want to hang out with a bunch of guys who love BBQ, have a great laugh, eat WAY to much BBQ and take home a bunch of goodies? If this sounds like you, have a look at the dates available for our upcoming competition BBQ classes. These classes run from 10:30am til 6pm on a Sunday and include all you can eat BBQ, a BBQ accessories take-home pack and of course heaps of leftovers for you to enjoy for lunch the next day. During the day you'll participate with 2 competition BBQ teams to prepare brisket, pulled pork, chicken, burgers and pork ribs. The day is run like a real-life BBQ competition with strict hand in times so you can see for yourself the real pressure of getting your timing spot on. You'll also play an integral role by tasting and judging each competition hand in box.  Click here to register

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Want to take your barbecuing to the next level? Why not consider attending one of our BBQ Masterclasses It's an action packed day including all you can eat BBQ. 


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by: Rhiannon Peterson